Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Home-Sewn Wedding

I purchased a very heavy, ivory colored, satin wedding gown from the 1930's at an estate sale about 7 years before I married my guy.
I just knew when I saw the gown that I would be haunted forever by the sadness of passing by such scrumptious material if I didn't buy it!!
We have known each other our WHOLE lives. We didn't begin dating until my 25th birthday!! When he proposed to me on my 26th birthday ( he was almost 30) I began to design my wedding gown from that estate sale find. I took it apart and redesigned it...

This was before the wedding mass at the Church. My life-long friend/maid of honor and my neighbor/friend/bride's maid help to get me buttoned up!! I made their dresses too. Their fabric was ivory satin (but not vintage and not as heavy weight as mine). We had matching sleeves with lots of lace. I had a small bustle at the back of the waist. The bodice was covered with hand embroidery work done in ivory color, as was the bottom of my skirt in front.

This is me with my dad. My very long train was covered with ivory colored ribbon roses which I sewed on. It hooked up in back like a draped bustle for the reception afterward. My long veil was scattered with tiny ivory colored pearl beads. I made the veil too! I attached it to my mom's headpiece (that I redesigned) from her wedding. 

The bride and groom, I was 27 and he was 31. I grew up knowing all of his 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Our mom's were in the same pinochle card club since the 1950's (as was his mom's sister,who had 15 kids!). Big Catholic families! My Catholic family was just me and 3 older brothers. All the pinochle ladies took turns hosting the card playing nights once a month in their homes. As a child, I tagged along with my mom. I, therefore, knew all his aunt's kids too. I sometimes tease that he only married me because I could recite his 15 cousin's names better than he!!

I made the front of my dress drawn up and added more ribbon roses. My shoes were flat heeled and had bows on the top. I didn't bother to wear high heels. Better to go for comfort than hope to try to be as tall as his 6'2" height!! The manor house in the background is now part of a park.

You can click on this image to show more detail.

This is taken in front of the manor house. Click to enlarge and you can see my shoes and dress bottom more detailed.

My attendants: I grew the ivy all summer to use in their baskets. Their wine colored sashes tied in huge fluffy bows in the back. I made my purse.

Behind the manor house again.
That's his younger brother on the left.
His cousin ( one of the 15 sibling cousins), serving as best man, on the right.
My guy was his best man when he was married about 3 years before.


Betty Jo said...

Ooooooo I so enjoyed your wedding. You were such a beautiful bride and I adore your dress and just everything. Thanks so much for sharing such a precious and special time in your life. I followed your link from your friend Betty's blog. xoxo

She'sSewPretty said...

Amy, oh my gosh....What a beautiful wedding. Your dress is beautiful too. I loved your "wedding story"!
Your hubby must be a nice guy...My hubby's name is Bill too!

cinderelly said...

hi amy, thanks for the lovely story! you put together quite a beautiful wedding! great dress!

Anonymous said...

Amy's wedding gown is a wonderful work of art in itself. I have never known a bride to make her own dress and the bridesmaid's' dresses as well. She was a beautiful bride and is a beautiful person. I have known her since she was 4 years old.
Hey Amy!