Wednesday, February 6, 2008

from a few years ago

This is a sweet picture of A. about 10 years ago. She was having fun with my Raggedy Anns and our wooden blocks. Our collection of blocks came to be by adding to the collection sometimes just one or two blocks at a time. I would search out stray blocks in the bottoms of "free" boxes at rummage sales. It is a good way to do it if you have patience...or you are just a cheapie, like me!! I would bring them home and wash them in bleach water and add them to the basket. We now have plenty to keep several children busy at once for hours. Hundreds of blocks, I would guess. 

Even my teenager likes to still play with them. One favorite thing for the kids to do is to make high rise buildings by using thin story books (like Golden Books) for the floors and blocks in between the floors. They even stand on chairs to build them super tall! My brother used to build towers like that with books and blocks and shoot his green army guys out of the levels with rubber bands. Meany brother also shot a few rubber bands at sweet baby sister me, too! Grrr.

Blocks= a fun, simple, timeless, toy that is different every time you play with them...and they don't require electricity or batteries.

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

She's a doll. lol.
I also enjoyed your list of random things.