Thursday, October 2, 2008

father and son

Sometimes it's the simple things that happen that need to be recorded in our lives. Last night N. and my guy were pizza chefs together. I think N. got as much cheese on the floor at his feet as on the pizzas... but his Daddy swept it up. [I would have made N. do it!]

It was so funny to hear them directing each other. They like to make pizzas together and this time I thought it was about time I captured a few shots on the camera.

I also like to eaves drop on the two of them when they are outside or in the garage doing "man chores" as N. calls them. They are way too funny!!

By far, the funniest thing is when N. begs his Daddy ~when he gets home from a typically very long day at work~ to go out and do some "man chores" with him. Once they are both 10 minutes into a project, N. will announce--"I think I'm going to go on a bike ride Dad." And off he goes leaving his Daddy behind. He is done. Bonding time is over and Daddy is left with the thought that he could have been relaxing with his feet up and the newspaper in front of him the whole time! 

N. loves to work for hours on some projects, some days. You just have to hit the day he is feeling really inspired...or in other words...he is a normal 8 year old boy!!!!!

a picture from about 4 years ago


She'sSewPretty said...

Well hello there Amy's husband. It's nice to finally "see" you! They sound like quite the pair!

Sal said...

Hi there Amy..thanks for visiting my blog again.
I love this post of father and son!
I have a 'Nick' in my life as well..although he prefers to call himself 'Nich' and he is a bit older than your Nick..;-) Sal UK