Monday, January 19, 2009

Sock it to me!

This is another example of one of those silly things that my N. blurts out that tickles me. I write them down for a wonderful memory for the future!

N. and I were watching our DVD set of Family Affair, one of many TV shows from my youth that are truly safe to watch with kids of any age.
Jody (the little 6 yr old boy character in the show) witnessed his school buddy being socked (spanked) by his dad for breaking a window with a baseball. When Jody asked his friend why his dad socked him, he replied that his Dad punishes him for misbehaving because he loves him . Jody had just broken something glass at home earlier that morning and his Uncle Bill didn't sock him, he just said ,"That's ok Jody, I' m sure it was an accident." Jody begins doubting his Uncle Bill really loves him because he never socks (spanks) him. Jody thinks up a string of bad behaviors to test this theory. His Uncle Bill never socks him, only gives punishment with words and taking privileges away. Eventually Uncle Bill catches on to Jody's logic and now knows why Jody is intentionally misbehaving. Uncle Bill ends up giving Jody a symbolic "tap" on the butt to appease him.

The story concludes in about 20 minutes' time, as all good 1960's family TV shows do, with everything understood by all involved and everything being fixed.

Fast forward to the next episode on the disc.
Meanwhile at my house-- B who had recently returned home from work, has been on the sofa. He has to be back into work at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow morning so he has been supposedly napping!
N. and I are watching yet another wholesome episode filled with laughs and lessons learned. Suddenly I hear a laugh from the sofa. B has no trouble sleeping through any noise from the TV or the kids--except when he is being sneaky faking sleep and intentionally watching Family Affair with one eye open!!

Here's the conversation exchanged:

me, to B= "Go to sleep! You're supposed to be napping! Do you want me to sock you?"

N., age 8= "Here! Do you want to use MY SOCK?!"

A., age 13= (spoken from the computer area but within ear shot) "LOSER!" (directed towards her brother whom she obviously loves so dearly!)

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She'sSewPretty said...

Too funny Amy! I haven't thought about that show in years. I always liked Uncle Bill.