Tuesday, October 20, 2009

first ever homecoming dance

E. has had a boyfriend for about a month now. She has known him for 4 years at school and his name is M.P. He is a polite and well brought up gentleman. He has the complete approval from Mom, Dad and siblings!! This is a big deal for E.-her first boyfriend after many many crushes on different boys from afar. She went to her first homecoming dance, too!
She is 17 and a senior in high school. Oh how I have seen a difference in her self confidence. She is growing up. This is a huge joy to her Father and I, as E. is our oldest and a special needs child. E. has OCD and is on the Autism spectrum named as Asperger's.

Look at those dimples! I tried to get a good photo of the two of them and wouldn't you know it each one was disappointing for some reason. He had his eyes closed or she did. She had no smile or he didn't. He was talking or she was. You know how it goes. Just when a camera-wielding-Momma wants the perfect "one" they just don't work out. They still document a very exciting evening for E.
All the Moms gathered at M.P.'s parent's house for the photo shoot ( talk about paparazzi flashes!!) and then all the kids (9 of them) stayed for a dinner of Chicken Alfredo and Lasagna before heading off to the dance.

E. with her best friends C., and M.


Ready for dinner.

E. has blue nail polish.
The next day when E. went with M.P. and his family to a party at his uncle's house for the entire day, E. wore 3 beautiful rhinestone and crystal bracelets. I hadn't realized that her wrist corsage was attached onto these lovely bracelets!! I'll have to take a photo of them.

E., having her straps adjusted by C.'s mom, as M.P.'s mom looks on.

The whole gang that met at M.P.'s parent's house and went together to the dance.
C.'s boyfriend M.W. is on the left end in front, wearing a flower. M. is next to the guy with his shirt untucked.
Each weekend seems to find E., M., C. and M.W. at our house, or someone else's, hanging out together watching movies or listening to (loud) music. I love having them over. Teenage boys sure can EAT!!!!!
The funniest part of the homecoming night (besides the moms all chasing the teenagers around flashing photos!) was that M.P.'s mom asked her husband to build a fire. He did build a fire-- in the chiminea on the back patio. M.P.'s mom said, "What did he do? I meant in the fireplace in the HOUSE!" So all the photos outside on the patio had to wait till the wind shifted and the smoke clouds cleared so the kids didn't go to the dance smelling like a bonfire. It turned out just fine.
It is unusually cold already in Ohio and these kids should have all had COATS on!!! So anyway, it was probably good that there was a fire out there until the mom's all decided to move the teens inside...otherwise they probably would have all needed to be called in sick to school the next week!!
PS- I still can't get used to not seeing E. with her natural strawberry blonde hair. She has gone to an auburn shade which is much better than that black phase she went through. YUK! Oh well, I guess if that is the worst rebellion she does as a teen we will be lucky! I do miss my blonde girl though!!


Lois said...

Hi Amy!
Elise is such a pretty girl. She looks so nice in that dress. Blue is definately her colour!
It sounds like everyone, moms included, had a great time.
Isn't it great when one of your own meets someone nice and you don't worry about him/her being the "wrong type"?
Well, have a great week.
Thanks for sharing.

Shelley said...

Elise looks so grown up in these pictures. My son is 17 and a half and thinks he is grown already...he really trys me at times. He has ADHD and now has refused to take his meds anymore....he is the last of four children I have raised but,with eight grands I don't think I will be feeling any empty nest syndrome. Well,maybe just a little ...smile...blessings

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are all looking so happy....m..

Gypsy Purple said...

Isn`t this precious!

Lori said...

Oh Amy
You'll so understand the joy these pictures of Elise brought to me. I have tears!! She was absolutely adorable. Her gown and jewelry magnificent and her flowers so very pretty! How wonderful a young man he seems, God has blessed Elise hasn't he? They so want acceptance and love and more then anything to be just one of the kids! Tell her I loved everything and wish her and her handsome young man tons of fun together. I know you had tears in your eyes didn't you?? Awesome post thank you for sharing this beautiful moment and memory! Love,Lori