Friday, November 6, 2009

young love

I'm not quite sure who is more sad....E. or her little brother, N.!!
It seems that E. and M.P. have broke up. The whole family really liked M.P. a lot.
It is a sad thing for any teen to have a first love break up but for E. it is really tough. I really think she thought it would last forever. Granted, some high school first loves do last forever but the chances are they do not.
E. has always seemed to be about 2 years behind the social milestones of her peers and also when I compare my own life milestones as a child and teen. When I was a sophomore (E. is a Senior) I had some first loves and they were great when they lasted and sad when they ended but I moved on to others. (Actually I then had one boyfriend that lasted long after high school until he moved away to another state. We are still friends!) Keeping them as friends is great if it works that way. I told E. to do the same. M.P. said he just needed a break. I can appreciate that honesty. To E. that is heartbreaking.
M.P. and N. being silly.
These photos were taken at my brother's house. N.always had so much fun with M.P. and looked forward to him coming to our house. M.P. and N. called each other "brother" !
N. is football crazy and that's tough as we are a pretty non- sports kind of family. The extent of our sports involvement is that N. has been on a bowling league for a few years and my guy is a hunter. Well, M.P. is a football player and a bowler!! See the instant link for N.!!? They would often talk bowling and throw the football together.

So, E. is sure she will NEVER have another boyfriend.
Oh the drama of young love lost!

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Shelley said...

So sorry for your sweet girls heartache...I will say a little prayer for her....blessings and for little brother as well...