Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are you blue

Blue is such a powerful color. It can be rich or royal... or like the sky above, or clear and sparkling like an ocean.
In home decor it has a strong impact. Have you ever seen a wall all clustered with blue plates hanging in a grouping. Great for a hall or stairway area to make a statement. I love blue plates and dishes with different patterns all mixed together as a table setting. Fun to mix and match. I have seen a lot of mix and match in the fashion world lately as well, with all sorts of crazy pairings of plaids and flowers, stripes and paisley, and so on. Don't think I would be brave enough to follow that trend in fear that someone may think I dressed myself in the dark, but I have always adored paisley. I am attracted to patterns of curves and movement, and paisley fits the bill.
Other color loves at the top of the list:
  *red, deep red, not orangish-red
  *shades of green
  *and somewhere between aqua and robin's egg blue- whatever you call that!
What color do you love?


Simply Shelley said...

I am seeing lots of color popping up everywhere as is always a favorite of mine :) I love that picture of you in your header ...reminds me of a Patty PlayPal doll :) Blessings

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