Saturday, March 31, 2007

11th Hour Pardon

My boy N's future is safe, at least for now!! I finally settled down enough from the shock of the FILM INCIDENT last Sunday and decided to take the camera in to see if the film could be saved. Well, they took the film out and said they would do what they could. Of course, with no guarantee of a happy outcome. Guess what? I know, I know, you have already guessed from my title to this post, right?
SOME of the pictures developed!! They have some damage but can be cropped and saved. A picture is worth a thousand words??!! These pictures sure have a long story attached. For those of you who missed chapter 1, here it is...
E. was very pretty for her dance. She wore her blue long dress and "Cinderella" shoes. I put her hair up and we put some little sparkly hair thingies (like mini combs) in her hair-do. I put make up on her. The first time she has had that experience!! N. told her 2 times in an hour how pretty he thought she looked. He liked seeing his sister look like a girly girl instead of a tomboy!!! She wore pretty jewelry and she wore a touch of perfume too. I blew off 15 pictures and was very impressed with how I thought they would turn out. Everything went well.
Only one small accidental flub, E. dripped food all down the front of her dress at the restaurant before going to the dance. Her date for the dance was very polite and said it didn't matter.
The next day B was going to take N. out to the woods with his hunting buddies to tag along for their annual target practice and cook-out day. E. and A. were invited, along with me, to our friend's daughter's wedding shower. E. wanted to go with her dad instead, so he said "Ok". N. was all dressed in his camoflague clothes and was pretty pumped up to be with the guys...and his sister who was now again in "tomboy" attire and not Cinderella-like.
I told B to take the film camera and finish out the roll so I could get it developed. I thought it would be nice to actually get them back without waiting a year or two.
Here's the punch line ...I know you have been waiting for it, haven't you??!

 I came out in the kitchen where I had the camera sitting out so B wouldn't forget to take it. N. (age 6) had the back of the camera open and the whole roll of film (15 pictures of E. and with her first dance date) had rewound and were all exposed!!
I do believe the entire neighborhood heard my gasp and cry of NNNOOOOOO!!!

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