About me

I find joy by truly being aware of the Abundant Curiosities that fill my life. My blog is an accumulation of thoughts and creativity from a girl who thinks blogs are a guilty pleasure, if only to take you away from the dishes and laundry . 

I have a 26 yr old daughter, a 22 yr old daughter and a 17 yr old son. Two additional babies were second trimester lost, always to remain in my heart. I am endlessly proud of my three kids who each have very different talents and interests. I am lucky to be their mom and enjoy watching them take on the world. 

My first daughter was born to help us see the world differently....
  • Asperger syndrome, autism spectrum disorder
  • sensory processing disorder/sensory defensiveness (since birth)  
(Very specific traits were present from time of birth, was unable to officially find correct help and diagnosis before age 5 when applying for kindergarten. 2 yrs of preschool were extremely difficult without support and proper understanding, not much was medically or educationally known nor support programs in place in our area at the time when she was born.)
  • avoidance OCD ( she is written about in medical journals through a study at NIH)
  • generalized anxiety
  • depression
Many labels? Yes.
Difficult days? Yes. 
Our focus: Life can be enriching rather than filled with limitations. She brings to our family a challenge... to teach the world about abilities!
     She is a multi-media artist- known, awarded, and earning throughout our state and Mi. Her art was displayed and purchased to hang in our state's Governor's Mansion, and she was a speaking feature in a public television program for the state honor. She has done local TV commercials and print promos, as well as public speaking, all on the subject of self advocacy. She is a compassionate person who has endless patience with those of all ages who face challenges whether it is physical, mental, or educational. She worked for many yrs at a rescue farm that cared for neglected and abused horses that were legally seized from their owners. She has very proudly held the same job for 11 yrs at a local multi-stage assisted living care facility, now an assistant activities director, supporting those who have dementia and Alzheimer's. She is a nature lover and she can often be found in the garden, the woods, a creek or pond, and finds passion for all living things.

     My second daughter is a summa cum laude university graduate, holding a Fine Arts degree. It seems artists run through the genes at our home. She will be the first to tell anyone that there was never a time in her life that she does not remember drawing and painting. Once she began school she made quite a stir. I received a phone call from her kindergarten teacher asking "Are you aware what your daughter is doing?", to which I replied "If you're referring to the ability she possesses to draw and paint people, then yes, I am very aware. she has done it since she was 2!!" The school administration recognized her academic abilities as well and she was placed into the Gifted and Talented Education programs from kindergarten thru to high school graduation. She earned academic honor roll status every quarter in high school which included completing some college courses.
     She completed her 4 yrs of university by earning 100% of her tuition paid through earned academic GPA scholarships and awarded art scholarships earned through juried gallery exhibition achievements. She earned Dean's List honors for academic GPA every semester in her 4 yrs attending university, all while holding down 2 jobs. Not much sleep was going on during those years!!
      She has spent her life happily involved in the art community, with her debut into the world of art fame at age 6 when she appeared on local TV being interviewed about her art at a student art show. Since then, she has had lots of fun experiences: She has been been honored along with her art at our State Capitol, and her art chosen to be included in many juried exhibits at local and state levels, and even inclusion at a national gallery showing. She was chosen to have a work of art, along side her artist statement, published within a book of national level juried artists. She has been selling her art since she was in high school. Last Autumn she had her first solo art exhibition at a local gallery. She has worked several years in the past for our nearby city's Arts Commission, both as an apprentice artist and as an administrative employee. She currently works at a renowned fine arts gallery in a nearby city.
     Her talents also include playing 3 musical instruments, and she enjoys cooking and baking and hosting parties with friends.

     My son is also an artist. (Surprise!!) His art is more of a hobby, but his real passion is music, That is an art form unto itself. He has played his trumpet for 6 yrs with school marching band and concert band and he has fun doing that, mostly because of being with his friends more than it being a love of his trumpet. His guitars are his real love and happiness.
     He asked for an electric guitar for his birthday several years ago. I bought him a good used one and he began playing it like he had played guitar his entire lifetime. He hears a song and can play it. With not one formal lesson he plays and even writes guitar music like something that is a total mystery to me. He auditioned and was chosen to play guitar in jazz band at school and doing public gigs around town. He has a rock and blues band with his friends and they have currently been in the recording studio finishing up their first original music CD to soon drop in local music stores. They have their first headliner concert next month at a local music event venue.  He picks up his electric guitars and his acoustic electric guitar every single day, without fail. Music is his heartbeat, part of who he is. I can't help but think what we all missed by not putting a guitar in his hands earlier.
     He has been an informal apprentice of sorts for a few years with an experienced and very talented luthier (guitar builder) and he is building two guitars and having the time of his life learning every step of such a complex precision artistic trade. Art seems to still be the theme and common thread in life for him and his sisters.

Busy people with simple lives, we make memories in the same house where I grew up.  It is very apparent that ours is a home to active kids with an open door to their friends as well - it is clean but rarely 100% tidy! 

I spend my Ohio days trying to balance what has to be done with what I prefer to do! Wishes? More time for creative ideas trapped inside my brain and the magic to stop time! A theme? Life is short. Spend an afternoon...you can't take it with you.

One of my hand made Paper Posies

Some of my hand cut snowflakes