About me

I find joy by truly being aware of the Abundant Curiosities that fill my life. My blog is an accumulation of thoughts and creativity from a girl who thinks blogs are a guilty pleasure, if only to take you away from the dishes and laundry . 

 I have a 25 yr old daughter, a 22 yr old daughter and a 17 yr old son. I mourned the loss of 2 other babies. I am blessed as a parent and endlessly proud of each of my kids. My first daughter was born to help us see the world differently....

  • Asperger’s Syndrome, autism spectrum 
  • (Very specific traits were present from time of birth, was unable to officially find correct help and diagnosis til age 5 when applying for kindergarten. 2 yrs of preschool were extremely difficult without support and proper understanding, not much was known or help/programs in place in our area at the time when she was born.)
  • sensory defensiveness/sensory processing disorder (since birth)
  • generalized anxiety
  • depression 
  • avoidance OCD

Many labels? Yes. 
Difficult days? Yes. 
Our focus: Life can be enriching rather than filled with limitations. She brings to our family a challenge... to teach the world about abilities!

Busy people with simple lives, we make memories in the same house where I grew up.  It is very apparent that ours is a home to kids - it is clean but rarely 100% tidy! 

I spend my Ohio days trying to balance what has to be done with what I prefer to do! Wishes? More time for creative ideas trapped inside my brain and the magic to stop time! A theme? Life is short. Spend an afternoon...you can't take it with you.

One of my hand made Paper Posies

Some of my hand cut snowflakes