Thursday, April 5, 2007

Curious Collections

I collect many things! Some on purpose, some grow into collections without really trying (they say anything in a group of at least 3 can be considered a collection), some I've inherited, some given by friends. I have one rule when it comes to the stuff I consciously has to be free or really cheap. Remember, I am a thrifter.

1. birds' nests (after they have fallen from trees)

2. Raggedy Ann dolls and stuff ( if I'm lucky, I can find well loved dolls in free boxes at garage sales)

3. old dictionaries ( I have some unusual themed dictionaries, too)

4. wooden spools of thread ( Maybe you've noticed- all the new thread is on plastic spools.)

5. milk glass ( It was my Mom's. Some of my friends make fun of me for liking such an old lady kind of thing, as they call it. I really like it! I have added to the collection by people giving me their ugly old lady stuff!)

6. old buttons ( So fun to put into jars by color.)

7. Little Golden Books ( if I buy one it must be 50 cents or less)

8. vintage cameras ( given to me; mostly family cameras/movie cameras)

9. wrought iron toys ( my Grandpa S. played with them as a boy!)

10. Nancy Drew books ( Nancy books have super great titles)

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