Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Things I Still Have From Childhood

1. [shown in this photo when I was 3], the stuffed duck and white chair; all my nephews and my own kids have sat in it too
2. my Mickey Mouse watch; when sweetie and I were dating, he secretly took it out of my jewelry box to have it repaired. What a great surprise!
3. the little(scratchy)Baptismal gown I wore; it's very yellowed so I must be old
4. my Chatty Cathy doll; mine has blonde hair. I gave her a hair cut...yikes!
5. several of the aprons/bibs that Grandma Bubbles made for me from her recycled fabric
6. all my grade cards from school; the teachers always said I talked too much.
7. my Girl Scout dress and sash, complete with earned badges; the moths ate my wool beret
8. a yellow baby dress with a smocked front that my Mom's friend made for me; my E. wore it too ( I have pictures of both occasions)
9. a spiral bound Christmas story book with pop-ups called The Shiniest Star; Santa brought it for me
10. my smile; I take it everywhere

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