Sunday, April 1, 2007

Art Showing

Here is a little altered artwork I did. It will be in the mail to someone.{you know who you are!} I am really having fun putting wings and party hats or crowns on pictures of people and animals. This doggy princess came with her own crown for her birthday celebration!!
As you can see, I cut all these little words and phrases from an old book . A poetry book thrifted from our church rummage sale for 25 cents!!! I volunteer twice a year to help with the set up for the rummage sale. Lots of fun and I get the first pick along with the other thrifter/volunteers. The sale was last week and it made $10,000!! Slightly above our average.
Anyway, I sat and cut all these words while the kids and I watched our video of "E. T".
N. was afraid to go back in the bedroom hallway that night without turning on plenty of lights and towing one of us along as a bodyguard! He watches lots of scary movies and has never had this reaction before. He was afraid of the bad men in the movie, not the extra terrestrial. I think N. will put this video back on the shelf and hide it in the very back!!

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Suzette said...

Wow, look at this great altered art you have created! Or is it great due to the subject matter? What a darling Rottie! Gee, she looks familar! She reminds me of my own precious princess.
Thank you for including Sadie in your Blog, we are honored.