Monday, April 16, 2007

High Definition?

I still don't have "high definition, or flat screen, or plasma screen" or any of the other fancy, high tech, modern viewing devices. Nope. Just a plain old regular TV...with "bunny ears" on top! No cable vision here either. We disconnected about 4 years ago. Oh sure, there are certain things I miss about having 200 channels coming into the house instead of 8. But 8 is a pretty good span of choices. I do miss The History Channel. ( I love history. I appreciate learning about it more now that I'm not required to do a 500 word essay on it!) I also miss HGTV and all its decorating shows... will they ever run out of ideas for new episodes? I guess there is something thrilling about turning on the tube and catching a good classic, by chance, like Breakfast At Tiffany's or Sabrina- kind of like winning the old movie lottery! And - Hey! TVs don't even have TUBES anymore. Gone are the Saturday afternoons shifting from one foot to the other for what seemed like an eternity, standing next to Dad at the TV tube testing machine at Lane's Drug Store.

When I look at the picture of me in front of the TV, less than a year old, it brings to mind a list of things that were NOT a part of our home in the early 1960's.

1. multiple TVs (everyone sat around the ONE and ONLY TV )

2. answering machine (if someone really wanted to talk to you they would call back)

3. cordless phone (it never got lost around the house, did it?)

4. TV remote control ( it never got lost around the house, did it?)

5. VCR ( now we need a storage place for all those videos)

6. DVD player ( now we have to buy all the same movies we had on video)

7. 8-track stereo (we still have one at our house!!)

8. cassette player ( I think you were supposed to replace all your 8-tracks with cassettes)

9. CD player ( I think you were supposed to replace all your cassettes with CDs)

10. fax machine ( don't have one of those at our we need one?)

11. microwave ( pop corn can still be cooked on the stove for a pioneer kind of experience)

12. video games ( I HATE them!)

13. computer ( now this is one thing I admit I am addicted to, although I still don't understand HOW IT WORKS)

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