Saturday, April 14, 2007

Show and Tell

My nice friend and partner in crime/crafting gave me a tiny little spiral- bound note pad. I turned it into this book to keep next to my computer. It holds my scribbles about my favorite places I visit and the surprise treasures I stumble upon while surfing the web. I write down details of why I liked the site or why I need to return when I have more time to explore. It has come in very handy. I find it frees my brain knowing that it is down on paper and at arm's reach.

1. I covered it (front and back) with some scraps of card stock slightly larger than the original cover; this makes it easier to open.
2. I used some random left over letter stickers to spell web sites ( Don't you hate when you don't have enough of the right letters to spell out a whole matching title/word when crafting cards or scrapbook pages?)
3. Then I used small snippet scraps of ribbon to tie on the spiral.

TaaDaa!! The whole project was done with tiny, left over scraps of paper, stickers & ribbon.

If you make one for yourself, you will find the pages fill up quickly!

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