Sunday, April 15, 2007

sweet burro

This is my boy N. with his buddy, Spritzer the burro!!! S has very wirey hair but the softest ever ears! The photo was taken last summer at the Horse Rescue where N's big sister E., volunteers. S has a story, as does every horse (or in this case - burro) that comes to the Rescue.
S was neglected by his owner. Among other problems, his worst issue was hooves that were never trimmed. They were 18 inches long and were curled like ram's horns! He couldn't walk and had leg problems. It took a long time for him to learn how to walk the right way after his feet were finally fixed. His owner was prosecuted - as are most of the cruelty/neglect cases. S has been at the barn for a long time now. He is their mascot. He is the sweetest guy and loves to follow N. around and check him out to see if he brought treats!! He is very gentle and loving...and very thankful for the rescue founder and owner who loves him dearly.
E. has a deep love for horses and seems to draw closest to the sickest of the rescued animals.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amy. Your site is just wonderful. I have learned more about you than I ever knew before. I love it. Keep up the good work. We love you. AUNT JAN AND UNCLE JOHN