Monday, April 30, 2007

Tiny Moments From The Past

I am not perfect. One of my imperfections is my lack of talent when it comes to taking my many rolls of accumulated film to be developed!!
I am simply wonderful at using up lots of rolls of film. My kids are an oft subject seen through the lens.
The other day I took some film in to be developed (put a star on my chart!) and was pleasantly surprised to see my A. and N. [each a whole 2 years younger] looking back at me!!
These are tiny little moments in time that have been suspended in mid air until now!
This was a day that we tossed a blanket in the front yard to have a picnic. We like to do that. We relax on our backs and look way up into the tree tops and imagine what it would be like to be a bird perching in the tall pines.
These are memories that make up our lives!


sharon said...

What beautiful photos, what beautiful children! What a beautiful memory!

red tin heart said...

My kids joke me about being the lady in the Kodak commercial. The one where the kid is hanging in the air asking to be developed. I have about 40 rolls to be developed. I am ashamed.Ha ha. Nita