Thursday, April 26, 2007

We're On Bunny Watch...

Clover is E's rabbit. Clover and N's rabbit, Batman Bunny, were married in a simple ceremony. Eventually they decided to start a family and these are their babies that were born Easter of 2006. The first group of pictures shows the 3 day old babies in the soft nest that Clover made by pulling out her own fur from under her chin. She had identical quadruplets. All 4 look like their Daddy, Batman Bunny! The last picture shows 3 of the 4 sibling rabbits, about 8 weeks old, with their Mom, Clover. We still have 1, named Toby. The other 3 died.

Clover and Batman Bunny are expecting another blessed event soon - on or about April 30th. As soon as we have babies we will update. We are curious to see how many Clover will have to tend to ( Batman Bunny is not a big helper around the hutch!) We are also waiting to see if they look like Clover this time. If they are brown, Batman may have to inquire what the Easter Bunny looks like!

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