Thursday, May 17, 2007

Watered Flowers

Today was a flowery kind of day. I went to the store [to buy some Draino for the bathtub drain...the reality of life that is not so flowery!] and found the store was having a great sale on flowers. They had ordered too many for Mother's Day sales. Flowers are much more exciting to spend money on than Draino!!

I bought some "Wave" petunia hanging baskets in purple and a fuchsia colored ivy geranium hanging basket. They were very big and cheap! They are hanging in between my bird feeders outside my big living room window.
I bought a whole flat of dark pink impatiens to plant in my rusted little red wagons. Again, cheap! My wagons are stacked two high and the top one is slightly smaller in size. When the flowers bush out it looks really super cool.

Then, when my kindergarten twins came home ( N. and our neighbor, J.) the three of us did some drawing and painted them with water colors.
The above pictures are mine. ( You can click on them to enlarge and see more detail )
I have always liked to draw little houses for birds and bugs...mushroom houses, broken teapot houses, old boot houses. This one is a mushroom house, but I covered the mushroom roof with the cute book [ one from my collection of old childrens' books ]. The lady of the house is the lady bug sitting on the fence. Her friend, Robin, is coming to call for tea... and maybe a nice worm!

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Anonymous said...

I just love your drawings, Amy. I learn something new about you all the time. I didn't realize you had this kind of talent too. I'd love to see more of your drawings. I also love your new ATC's. I'm so glad your back happily blogging the day away.