Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bigger Bunnies!

The 3 babies are 10 days old! And their eyes are open!

We plopped them in a laundry basket with the 12 inch ruler just to get some pictures that would document their size.

You can see the runt is growing but is still way behind it's siblings in size.

Above: Here is A. holding the 2 larger babies. See, the dark one is sticking out it's tongue!! They love to be cuddled and they lick you. It tickles!!!

Note: A. is 11 and really a girly-girl. She has always had long nails and often has them polished. Currently her toe nails are polished red, white and blue!!

Below: Here is E. holding the dark runt along with the white baby. You can tell their eyes were just about it open wide and see the world!!

Note: E. is one week away from her 15th birthday and has always been a tomboy. She tries to show interest in jewelry and makeup but is MUCH happier being with animals and nature and having dirt under her nails!!

Stay tuned to this bunny blog for more bunny updates.

We are trying to think of names for the 3 babies.

Other bunnies that currently live / have lived at our house are:

*Peter- he looked like Peter Rabbit. He lived with us about 9 years and was potty trained. He was allowed to hop around in the family room for short, supervised intervals. Sometimes Peter and our dog and cats would romp together like Noah's ark animals, playing and bathing each other! Peter lived in a cage in the house. Peter is now in our pet cemetery.

*Cotton- short for Cottontail was a "Rex" rabbit which means the fur is soft as velvet! Cotton was white with tan spots all over her. She had a double chin and loved to eat tomatoes!! Cotton lived in an outside hutch. Cotton is now in our pet cemetery.

*Batman Bunny - is N's male bunny. He was adopted from another family and N. named him. N. takes him out for walks in the yard on a bunny halter and leash. We still have Batman Bunny and he lives in an outside hutch.

* Clover- is our Momma bunny. She has a hutch outside but she is now in a special nursery hutch on the glassed in porch.

* Toby- is the son of Clover and Batman Bunny. E. and her friend named him. He also likes to go for walks on the leash. We still have Toby and he lives in an outside hutch.

* Jenna- was Toby's sibling and was the runt of last year's litter (Clover's first litter) and A. named her. She is now in our pet cemetery. Jenna had 2 other siblings that died without names.

* Kitty-is A's bunny and she is a "lion's head"rabbit. She has a long mane and a large head. She wears a purple collar and A. often plays with her mane by putting bows and barrettes in it!!!! Kitty loves the attention. Kitty is also potty trained and is allowed to sometimes hop about the house (supervised). My cat Isabella and Kitty bunny are buddies and love to play together and bathe each other! Kitty lives in a cage in the house.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL!! You have a real rabbit farm going on over there! The babies are just adorable, and I love how sweet your daughter is with them--awwww! Shows that she has a kind and compassionate heart to take care of all the little critters. That picture with her holding the 2 babies and the little black one has it's tongue sticking out!! LOL, just cracked me up! How cute!
Smiles, Karen

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oooh oooh i love your bunnies especially the tiny gray bunny..lucky you!!