Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bunny Nursery Update

Nope. This is not one of our bunnies. Just a cute picture.

Our babies' fur is getting thicker and longer and they are crawling all around the nest box. They like to explore even though their tiny little eyes won't be open for a few more days. The runt we still call "Peanut" is growing but still is less than half the size of its two siblings. The one white baby seems to be the ring leader of the litter, always being the one to crawl the farthest away!
Clover eats cucumber, carrot, celery, apple and alfalfa in addition to her regular bunny pellets (nibbles, as we call them).


Lisa said...

Amy, 9pm central time. Help please? Just today I commented on your blog about the bunnies and now I have a bunny emergency. My dog found a tiny baby in a burrow in the yard and she picked it up, twice! before I could get it away from her. The poor bunny was squealing. I have put it back in the burrow hoping that Mom Bunny will come and tend to it but its been an hours, its dark and nothing. I just took a peak and its still breathing, no skin broken except a bit of blood on its ear. What should I do?????

Lisa said...

7:30 am
Sorry for the panicked note last night. I checked on it this morning and it's squirming around and cuddled up with a sibling-yes I see two in there. The Mom has been to check on them as I had put a piece of ribbon on top and it was moved this morning.
So far, so good.