Thursday, June 7, 2007

TV Watching Dress Code, 1951

Ok. Are you ready for this? I found a little article in my 1951 LIFE magazine...

Clothes For TV Watching
This winter a lot of women who used to dress formally to entertain at home have found themselves and their guests sitting on the floor after dinner to look at television. This position is not graceful in a short, tight cocktail dress or practical in an elaborate evening gown. A successful solution for floor-sprawling TV fans is "at-home clothes", which are colorful, comfortable fashions in which a hostess can safely relax on the rug. Adding elegance to comfort they are worn with dressy shoes, plenty of jewelry and tops which usually have necklines low enough to compete with almost anything on the TV screen.

This is an ad from the same magazine (left). That's me (above ) in 1964, standing in front of our TV that also had doors that swing open. It was the same kind of blonde veneer wood too.You may recognize this photo of me as a recycle from my post dated April 16, 2007 - titled "High Definition?" A very funny read about my lack of modern technology.

Anyway, I sure hope my Mom wore the appropriate amount of jewelry with her "at-home clothes" while playing hostess back in 1951...relaxing on the rug, watching television with her guests!!

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The blonde veneer furniture brings back memories in my life. My parents had an entire dinning room set of table, chairs and hutch. I remember the furniture being very heavy to move around. We also had a TV in the same veneer. It was very popular back then. Then came Maple Colonial.
Hey, Amy!

cinderelly said...

aren't those old ads great?! i have several old life mags too, and the ads were pretty interesting!