Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Caviest Cave!

We love touring caves and caverns. Ohio has many caverns.
We went to Seneca Caverns and enjoyed it very much. It is touted as "The Caviest Cave in the USA" because most of it is left in the natural state. That means that you have to duck under the roof rock ledges and climb jutting rock pieces and sometimes even crouch down and squeeze through passages. Most caves and caverns have been made tour friendly with smooth walkways and man made steps. This one has only some of its public areas like that.
Above is a picture of Anna and her friend, Krista, that came along for this road trip.
The other picture is what they refer to as pillow rock. Many, many years ago someone took a bag of cement into the cavern. It is forever left in place because the very wet cavern turned the whole bag in to a pillow rock!!

Did you know?... that a cave has a natural opening to the outside; a cavern is sealed under ground and an opening has to be made.
There's your geology lesson for the day.


Gledwood said...
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red tin heart said...

Hve you ever been to Mermac Caverns? Also known as Jesse James hideout. It is in Missouri, and it is a fabulous cave! I love it. Nita