Monday, July 16, 2007


A. took her braids out and this is what she looked like.
I snapped her photo and then realized, when I got it developed, that it shows some of my Milk Glass collection. The hutch was filled with it along with some tucked in red accents. Click on the photo to get more detail.
Our upholstered furniture is from the Bob Timberlake collection, pretty pricey in the furniture store, but we were lucky enough to find it used just like brand new. We are fond of Northern Michigan themes like cabins, deer, etc. as Sweetie is a deer hunter.

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Mary said...

Anna, I love your crimped hair. My daughter hair is curly to the roots.
My Hubby is a deer hunter, but our house does not look like his Dads or Brothers, heads and horns ever where... No! not here, Thank You very much :)