Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Super Nannie & Grampy

First a little background. The parents of my life long best friend, Amy, are like surrogate grandparents to my 3 kids. My E., as a toddler, began calling them Nannie & Grampy once she was able to name them. The names stuck from that day on for all my kids.
Jump to a few days ago when A. told N. he needed to sit and watch Mary Poppins with her. Along came the part in the movie when the family is interviewing for a nanny and the applicants are lined up outside the door.
N. said, " Wow, that's a lot of Nannies... and some Grampys too!"
Note: There were no males in the line (as those of you familiar with the movie know) but his humor was on target.


red tin heart said...

That's funny. Nita

IsabellaCloset said...

What a cute story! LOL...I like that NICKism. ~Mary~