Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bunny Update

Time for a long overdue update on the baby bunnies. Tomorrow they will be 9 weeks old. They hardly look like babies anymore.You can see past photos of them if you click here.
All three ~ Cottonball, Alfalfa and Lucky (the runt)~ are almost as big as their Momma, Clover! Lucky suddenly went through a growth spurt and caught up to her siblings in size.
E. has determined that Cottonball {the white one with dark ringed ears, dark tail and nose} is a boy...Alfalfa { the dark one} is a girl... and Lucky{ the other dark one} is a girl.
Lucky just left us yesterday as she was adopted by our neighbor's fiancee. Tasha was so excited to have Lucky. She fell in love with her a few weeks ago and told E. to consider her sold when she was old enough to leave her Momma. E. said that Lucky [Tasha will rename her] will be one spoiled, lucky little bunny!!! Did you like the pun in there?! Lucky has a set up better than any domestic bunny in the world. I think Tasha bought out the pet store with accessories and supplies.
We all miss Lucky. E. is $15 richer now and is bugging me to drive her somewhere to spend it!
Cottonball will be advertised for sale around town by word of mouth and the bulletin board at our favorite local ice cream/coney dog hang out.
Alfalfa will stay with us and E. wants to breed her next year.
For those of you keeping score... when Cottonball sells we will still have 5 bunnies living with us.

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