Monday, August 13, 2007

It's a blizzard in Ohio!

My paper snowflakes are drifting into my Etsy shop.

There will be many more
storms of paper flakes to follow so stay tuned.
Here is a picture of my back yard when we had a real blizzard last year. It got even deeper by the end of the day. My town had about 20" in 2 days time- on top of snow we already had on the ground. The bird bath in the left side of the photo looks like an ice cream cone.

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Daisy said...

Ohh Thank you for visiting and for leaving such a wonderul long message.(I got so excited!)
My turn I'm afraid to clogg up your message bank.
Found the "A of G G" post...Ahhh, she does look like her mum. who looks so happy (even on a D.L)
I love the Easter Bunny is Santa in drag!! Love your "scrap Art" I am struggling with the computer side of that...(paper and scissors - no sweat!!)
Hey you love childrens books too? Check out "Polka dot Pixie" childrens book swap.
I just LOVE your house, all that green and trees around, I sort of want to put it in a "snow shaker" dome and keep it!
Thank you for the "Dead Fred" info, I'm goin'to go and find myself some interesting reletives!! you know the odd cattle rustler, murderer or "actress"!!
Would be interested to hear your views on etsy...not been brave enough to try it yet!.
Thank you for a lovley blog.