Monday, August 27, 2007


 I headed off to the post office and on to a quickie junkin' adventure. I can't explain it, but sometimes I get a gut feeling that I may find something~something really spectacular~on a certain junkin' trip. Today was like junkin' lottery winnings. I got all this and received change back from my $5.00 bill !
Can you believe it??!

First thing to show and tell is this record album (front and back shown partially above. Plopped it on the scanner). I got a little tingle in my tummy when I found this on a shelf mixed in with lots of junk. The record is still in it. And -yes!- we have a record player. I will let you know how the songs sound.
I never can resist a good red and white find. The pink is going to a pink loving friend. I can't get over the gorgeous tatting work on the green and white piece, such detail. I wish I could tat. Empress Alexandra Romanov spent many hours while in exile tatting with her 4 daughters. Do you think it is somewhere in a Russian junk shop?

These 2 dresser scarves will be gifts to someone who will LOVE them, I'm sure of it. Hard to find something done in mostly purple.

We still use that antique machine called a VCR at our house so this was a good find. A good classic movie. Yes, we do also have a DVD player...we aren't totally retro in technology. Close to pathetic however. No digital camera or cable vision at our address.
This is a little picture {about 8x10} that I think may meet with some altered art touches and be put in a crackle painted frame. Watch for it --as I will let you know what I decide.

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Shelley said...

Hi Amy, I am a big Raggedy Ann fan and I love the record you found. Such sweet pictures of Raggedy Ann ! Your other finds are just as wonderful. I just recently read the book~Alexandra, The last Tsarina~by Carolly Erickson.I found her story so sad and interesting.I love your blog !Come see
Blessings, Shelley