Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dolly Memories

1968. Posing with my Chatty Cathy doll and my puppy named Scarlet.
My Mom called her Scarlet Autumn Leaves or Scarlet Red Ribbons. As a 5 year old I didn't get the connection of scarlet being like the color red . Also, my puppy was not red!!!!! I thought she was Scarlet like in Gone with the Wind.
But hey!...Don't you love my SCARLET RED SHOES?!

Chatty Cathy.


This was my loot brought from the North Pole in 1968.
I always got a new nightie or pj's for Christmas. These slippers were way cool, and I felt like a grown-up...they were like velvet shoes and had big fluffy pom-poms on them on top 
that you can notice in this photo.
See my Charmin' Chatty doll in the background? She's the one wearing the [Harry Potter] glasses. I always thought she was a kind of scary looking doll but she was fun to play with. She had a slot in her side where you could slide tiny little records to make her say different things. Very high tech!! Haha When it all wore out you would only get possessed sounds for a voice when you pulled the cord. Yikes!
I wrote about my "Amy Loves Goodbyes" book here.
Wanna know a secret? The pink kitty is on my nightstand right now!!!


Shelley said...

Hi Amy, what a cute little girl you were. I love the chatty babies! One Chistmas my sister received Chatty Cathy and I received Chatty Baby ! I have two Chatty Babies now but I don't know what happened to my original one. Its so sweet that you still have the little kitten.
Blessings, Shelley

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh!! Memories!! I had gotten a Chatty Kathy for Christmas one year too---oh I loved her so much! How fun!
Smiles, Karen