Saturday, September 1, 2007

My mom the wonderful PACK RAT

This is my mom, in about 1946.

She was working as secretary in Ohio.
I don't know the circumstances of this photo other than to tell you she had many photos of herself and her working chums from that time period. I think they enjoyed being both serious and silly with the camera during lunch breaks or something. I'm sure they would NEVER do their photo sessions during "on the clock" time...would they?!

I was looking through photos today and thought I would show you this one. I think the natural sepia aging of the photo paper caught my eye ~~since , as you know, I am in a sepia kind of groove lately!
I find the leather sofa and the twist of her ankle interesting. I'm sure this was not an intricately planned out photo, but I think the composition is wonderful, don't you?

Now on to my story for today...

Every time I think there can't possibly be another closet shelf, drawer, shoebox or attic corner left to sort out ~ sure enough one surfaces. My mom was a pack rat to the highest degree. How do you think I have so much ephemera???? So here it is 12 years on since I began the sorting when today I opened an innocent looking manila folder. The magazine ad above is what I found.

Guess what? This is an ad for Mom's bedroom furniture!!!

It is the only furniture I ever remember her having. My older brothers may remember some previous to this. Mom had the king size bed, night stand and two dressers.

My brother took the king sized bed. I didn't want it because I always thought that it took up too much space in the bedroom.  I now sleep in the what was mom's room ~the very room where she died. Some people think this is kind of creepy. We don't. After all, it is the master bedroom (small as it is). Also, Mom did not die in her king size bed. She became bedridden about 2 weeks before she died and Hospice provided a hospital bed to be brought to the house for her comfort. That was when my brother took the king sized to his house- it had to go somewhere; and he had the big room in which to put it.

The dresser with mirror in the far lower left corner and the tall dresser in the far lower right corner is  mine now.

Click on the image to enlarge. It says:

"How to dream up a room scheme with a happy future..."
It is strange that the day after the anniversary of her death I should find this vintage ephemera magazine ad that she had torn out and saved.

Yes, my mom was the most WONDERFUL pack rat, to be sure!!!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Precious Amy!
My mother is still with us and she is a pack rat extroadinare. Perhaps it is a generational thing, but I also think it may run in families as my uncle (mom's brother) hoarded everything. Their father and their grandfather before him, did the same. I have those tendencies, try my hardest to curb them. Mom gets absolutely giddy and giggly over the piles she will leave us to sort through. Any attempt to remove the masses is shunned and I get the "I am still your mother" lecture. So, my sis and I commiserate knowing that we will laugh, cry and hold each other while tending to this chore one day.
I also think it is wonderful you are able to live in your mother's home. I live next door to my own dear Mom and Pop. I treasure them daily for the gems that they are. This week will be celebrating 61 years.
Enjoy your holiday weekend.
Blessings to you. . . Blondie

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

I just love that picture of your mom. Wonder what she's thinking? She looks so mischievous :)

red tin heart said...

amy your mom was so beautiful. thank you for all your kindness. love nita