Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ready for a scaled down Santa

The kids decorated the doll house for the holiday. It is a fun activity if they can manage to do it without arguing too much! It came out very nice this year.
N. added the cotton batting (snow) on the roof top. The interior is decorated also. If they can leave it alone long enough for me to take pictures then I will and then show them to you.
They each have their own idea of how each room should be with the tiny trees and wrapped gifts. When one sibling turns their back another rearranges it all.

Merry Christmas time to all in doll house land!!
You can click these photos to see more detail.

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Loretta said...

Amy, your dollhouse is soooo neat! Did you make it? Did you ever take pictures of the inside? I'm still working my way thru the archives. I love your pictures!!!