Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crank Up The Victrola, Adrienne Barbeau

Last summer we went to see an old friend. This friend was at a place we had not been since A. was 2 (she is now on the edge of 12!). My sweetie and I used to go every Fall-- first on our honeymoon in 1990 and continuing until 1998. This friend is the Grand Traverse lighthouse in Northport, Michigan and you may read more about it if you go to their website.

Last summer our visit included, as always, a tour of the lighthouse and a climb to the top of the tower. I highly suggest this reasonably priced, very fun and informative tour... that is unless you have my boy N. with you!!

He decided at the base of the last part of the tower ascent that he was not going to the top. No way, no how!! He screamed bloody murder. He shook, he cowered. This was not like him. [and he had never seen the original movie version of The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau !!] Oh well. Maybe when he is older he will go to the top and not think twice.

You may wonder what the photo above has to do with the Grand Traverse lighthouse. Well, inside they have it set up like it may have been when the lighthouse keeper and his family were living there- vintage style of course, not modern. The furniture and all are very interesting and fun to look at. My kids loved looking at the Victrola in the parlour- and we compared it with today's staple- the ipod. What a contrast of life style!!

In my thrifty travels I found this Victrola record which says Victor Talking Machine Co. Camden N.J. 1908. That's 100 years ago!!!!!! I kept it for a while because it reminded me of our trips to the lighthouse, but then I decided to sell it and it has gone to live in Alaska!

If you get the chance to watch the original version of The Fog, you will have a fun scary time.
If you are lucky enough to go to the Grand Traverse lighthouse, don't be afraid to climb to the top!
If you like haunted lighthouses you should go to the one by my cousin Barry's house.

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