Monday, January 28, 2008

Magazines; jumper cables for your creative brain...or how to recycle with a friend !!

 Thinking about my own magazine collection.
I find that I usually dog ear pages of things that I want to reference at a later time or pictures that appeal to me for reasons that sometimes even I can not define. When I get the chance, I do cut , tear or yank out the things that need to stay with me.

I once found that I had quite a few harvested pictures from magazine pages of red and white things that spoke to me. This is what happened-I purchased a spiral bound notebook from the dollar store that I glued the pictures into. ( It has a red [surprise! surprise!] felt cover with a flower cut out like a stencil.)Now instead of looking through lots of random magazines with dog eared pages, I now have a fun red and white eye candy book at my fingertips.

I have a folder holding stories and articles that have been saved from magazines. Much easier to find the one you're looking for than searching on and on saying "I thought I remembered which mag that story about Milk Glass was in . Maybe it was the one with this pretty porch on the cover. No. Maybe it was..." You get the idea. Your time is precious. There is art work or sewing to be done!! No time to waste searching for something you thought you'd remember. Artist's minds are very cluttered you know!!

Besides, if you really think about it most magazines are just a lot of ads when you take away the stuff you are truly interested in. No use saving them and taking up space that could be used for scrap booking supplies or fabric. Right????! You can recycle even shiny paper in some cities- you may have to research that. Or better yet, pass the rest of your magazines on to a friend. She will not mind a few missing pages that much and she may even find some pages that she needs to harvest for her creative mind jump start.

Hey, maybe you will even get lucky enough to be part of a whole magazine swap circle.


Lori said...

i remember that last picture because i was drooling over that pom pom fringe...and just maybe i was channeling that when i made my little heart valentines that are on my new banner:)

i once did this for the of all the things i wanted him to make for me...i found it recently and was pleased to see that he had made all of the projects except for the HUGE birdhouse that i had coveted...

Lori said...

Such cute pot holders! I have a few of those you put in your book! Boy do I have the magazine pages and out of all I read I can't rip a stitch out of my Victorias. Those are whole!! One day I plan on doing a binder or such of all the pages! Lori

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

OMGoodness! It is sooooo eeerrie to me that I do the same thing and dare I add I have snipped some similiar pics? Love red and white; black and white, polka dotsies and checks.
Come to NC and we will go through tubs of mags that I cannot bring myself to discard. Then we can go to Mom's and do the same. Sigh. Almost better than sex. Not quite but a close second. More sighs.
Hugs to you, dear one.

Jeri said...

You have been tagged Amy - go to my blog for details!!

Lily Pepper said...

As a true magazine-a-holic this is one of the things that I promised myself that I would do this year! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and inspiration. I had planned on doing something like this with different books for different holidays. I still plan on that but now I will be doing color books also!