Monday, January 14, 2008

Twelve Year Old MIDDLE Child

Yesterday was my A's 12th birthday! She went to the movie theater to see Enchanted. She took along a friend and (reluctantly) her 2 siblings. We walked around the mall afterward.
A. usually ends up celebrating the whole month of January. She declared, one year when she was a preschooler, that January was her "Birthday Month" and she has held true to form ever since- meaning EVERY day in this month is for her!! Remember...she is a middle child.
A. is very easy going person, like her Daddy. She enjoys researching about space and planets and NASA, she loves cats and flamingos and giraffes, she is a talented artist and has had her drawings/paintings displayed in 5 different art exhibits. She is a perfectionist (ever live with one of those?) and has always been a straight A student.
For this photo I told N. and A. to pretend they love each other. This was the resulting expression from each of them. They are pretty typical siblings- love to play with/help each other one minute and the next minute they hate one another.
On this day 12 yrs. ago, I (with really dorky looking hair) didn't know I would deliver a 9 1/2 pound baby girl by emergency c-section the next day after about 16 hours of hard labor!! That's "big sister" E. trying to stick out her tummy like Mommy's, standing in the waiting bunny themed nursery room. The cat's name was Cleo. The big Teddy Bear is named Bruiser and was my Mom's. Bruiser sits atop my Grandma's steamer trunk- filled with baby clothes.


Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANASTASIA!!! What a adorable young miss!!!! I loved all the pictures,brother and sis what a perfect capture! But had to cherish the pregnant shot of you! Did you notice your daughters bare footsie? How cute!!!! Mine is so mad that I didn't post about her birthday from 12-22 and it's tuff when all the photos are stuck in scrapbooks and trying toremove them..ick! Yep seen the milky plate under the cake. I have a recessed low bowl with that edging~ Talk later, Lori

Sharon Kay said...

Happy Birthday wishes with lolliepops and rainbows are being sent to her. She is a lovely young lady and I can tell how much she is loved. The picture of her and her brother is so cute and it remends me of my grandchildren. When my girls were young and they would be upset with each other I would make them kiss each other and they were good after that.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Anna You are Lovely just like your Mom :)Hope you had a great day and may God Bless you with a Wonderful year....
I know why Nick is being so nice! Is that a chocolate cake???
Big Hugs, Mary :)

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy even if it is late.
Amy, love the pics - those kids are adorable and yes, even gorgeous.
Sounds like she takes after her Mommy!

Anna T said...

I love your pictures and I love the name Anastasia.I remember turning 12 being a very big deal!
What a lucky girl to have a Mom who knows that!

red tin heart said...

Happy belated birthday Anastasia!
I see the sibling love going on. LoL. xoxo Nita