Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hippo Blues

My sweetie had been missing his watch (somewhere in the house) since Sunday. He needs his watch for work just as any working husband does. He racked his brain to remember where he set it down and searched the house repeatedly in all the sensible places and illogical places too.

Last night I was tucking N. (age 7) into bed and found his blue hippo Webkinz animal tangled in his bed sheets. As I pulled him free of the rumpled bed (no, N. does not make his bed daily and neither do I. There I have admitted it!) I was stunned to see the missing watch on Hippo's neck!!N. loves this hippo, not because it is a Webkinz but because it is a hippo. Ever since that Christmas song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" became N's favorite to wait for on the radio each holiday, he has taken a liking to any hippo stuffed animals he can find. He has 2.

N. said, "Oh I have to give Daddy his watch back." Very casually he said it. Apparently he had not picked up on the frantic searching since Sunday!! It never occurred to us to ask N. if Hippo was wearing the watch--silly us!!!!
N's explanation for the watching-wearing-hippo..."It was his bark collar."
My response as he took Hippo over to his Daddy to return the missing watch...
"Hippos DON'T bark!!"


sister sheri said...

I so agree... I don't make my bed every day... that's why I buy the matching comforter and sheet set! So, how can I enforce this with my son? Love the hippo!

Veronica said...

That is so cute. How old is he? I love this story

Cathy said...

Amy, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment so I would know you were there.

What a delightful story! Aren't children fun? LOL! I'm happy things are going good, in a light-hearted way! Gotta love that!

Sharon Kay said...

What a fun story and so glad that dad found his missing cute.

Shelley said...

Hi Amy,such a cute story. My grand daughter Jalyn,4 yrs.loves the Hippo song as well. She still goes around singing it from time to time.Don't feel bad about the bed situation, my son is 15 and his bed never gets made nor is your room ever clean for that matter. He calls it his organized mess. When he was little I kept it so cute and clean,now he has a fit if I even try and go in there, for fear I will throw out some valuable possessions. He is a huge Packrat. Hope you are having a great spring thus far.