Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flash Back-More Boomer fun...

More fun for the Baby Boomers in the me.

Most kids probably don't even play this at parties anymore.

Probably not "cool".

My kids did. They thought it was very fun.

White bread used to be ok to eat!!!!
I used to go to the
"day old" Wonder Bakery thrift shop
with Mom.

We didn't need a choice of
50 different brands of gum!

"Twinkie the Kid"
I 'll bet there are still some
40 year old Twinkies
out there somewhere
that are still amazingly fresh!!

"How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?"

"I am the Frito Bandito ...".
I'll bet he is politically
incorrect today!!
the character was voiced by Mel Blanc
animated by Tex Avery


Here are some prices from back when I was born. I researched them.
loaf of bread = 20 cents
Buster Brown shoes = $3
movie ticket = 50 cents
popcorn at the movies = 20 cents
gallon of gas = 31 cents !!!
45 rpm record = $1
doctor's office visit (this is not a co-pay!) = $5
new car = $2,500
minimum wage per hr. = $1.25

I found a great web site with some interesting trivia.
This is the site and some info I am showing you from there...

In most families, the man was the "bread winner"; most mothers did not work outside the home in a full time job (though they had plenty of work to do). They did not have to work outside the home. They did not have to primarily for two reasons: 1) We did not need four televisions, three cars, a summer timeshare condo on the shore and 100 TV channels. 2) The government took only about 15% of our income; today it takes about 40%. So today families have to work much longer for the same take-home income, and much, much longer to be able to afford 100 channels and 1500 cell phone minutes per month.

(Hi, Amy own personal note: I do not currently have cable or dish or a cell phone. I must be stuck in the past frame of mind, huh?! I remember when we got a second TV as a kid. I thought we were really rich!!)

There were no self-serve gas stations. When you pulled up to the pump, your car ran over a rubber hose that signaled the gas station attendant, who, in addition to filling your gas tank, would clean your windshield and check your radiator and oil. They were called "service stations" back then, for good reason.

(Hi, Amy here...I worked as a teen at my brother's service station. Yup!! I pumped gas and checked the oil!!)

When you fell down at the store, you apologized for being careless, and went home... embarrassed. If you got hurt, you went to your doctor, and you paid the bill yourself. Sometimes, the doctor would even come to your house.
( Hi, Amy here...My family doctor lived a few blocks away and he often came to the house. I even had the chicken pox TWICE!!)


The Feathered Nest said...

We must be about the same age Amy!! Now of all the wonderful tidbits of information you just posted the crazy thing that stands out to me is that I had a little Frito Bandito eraser that I just LOVED!!! I guess I entertained myself with it in class...xxoo, Dawn

Pam said...

Put me in that age bracket, too!!
I love this many memories!
Thank you, Amy!

Veronica said...

This is fantastic. thanks so much and I remember this too..

She'sSewPretty said...

We didn't have computers either and now I can't imagine life without mine. We're a four cell phone family, satellite t.v. in four rooms. My mom who is 77 couldn't live without cable t.v..

Twinklescrapbooks said...

Mmmm...Bazooka Joe! I love that gum! :) tina

Cambria said...

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Lori said...

Ah the Frito Bandito!! Remember him well!! Do you remember something my husband and I crave, Chef Boy-ardee frozen pizzas??? Are how about Hillbilly bar-be-que potato chips? Those were the days my friend, maythey live on if only in our memories!!!! See ya soon, Lori