Friday, April 11, 2008

A Puddle-Duckin' We Will Go

There's not a lot I love more than puddle jumping in rain boots.
It's something I have done ever since
my first child was old enough to walk, 15 years ago.
A way to relive your childhood.
Grab a happy kid willing to get wet
(those aren't hard to find)
and off you go.
We have always called it Puddle-Duckin' in our family.
We even go out while it's still raining to do it.
The only rule- no thunder or lightning.

It finally got warm enough around here to rain instead of snow,
so off we went with my camera around my neck.

Today, I grabbed N. and his best girl friend J.,
who lives a couple houses away.

We took a walk around our street and the kids graded the puddles,
proclaiming that the shallow ones were "boring!!"
and so the race was on to find the deepest one.

There is nothing more purely fun and simple than a good mud puddle.
No cares of the world around you as you jump *splash* in a murky pit.
Clothes (and kids) are washable!!
A prize winning puddle, to be sure !!
I like how the rings are around her boot, the leaf floating along for a ride on the waves and the efforts of the grass trying to keep itself above the water, in vain.

"I have puddles in my boots!", called J.
So off we went to get dry clothes
from the waist down.
J. came back
to our house, redressed.
The puddles were admired from a safe distance on the way home
to our little red house under the tall, tall pines.
As we walked, our next door
neighbor drove one way
and N.'s daddy drove the other way.
I made the comment to them both...
"Don't you wish you were in 1st grade?!"


Pam said...

Oh what fun!
I love the pictures....and yes, it does make me wish to be in the first grade again!
Thank you for the smiles!

Wood n' Whimsy said...

Amy, what a lovely blog. I love the puddle duckin' pics. The kids are having a ball. How wonderful it would be to be that carefree again! Stop by my blogs for a visit sometime. God Bless, Celene