Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ask and you shall receive

Here they birthday requests. They work quite nicely too.
My friend surprised me with the oven mitt with grippy diamond pattern.

My Sweetie took the kids to the store because they said I needed (needed) a nice gift. The kids picked out and presented me with the 3 circle red pot holders!! Gotta love the insight of kids.

My phone was ringing time after time with well wishes all during the day!

Thank you to all of you that wished me well via the blog and email. I am very blessed to have such nice friends.

I am giving advance notice of my wish list for next May...It starts with a "C" and ends with "vette", it can go very fast and you can put the top down. I ended up with a collection of red pot a girl can dream, right?

1 comment:

Veronica said...

HA it worked... I am going to have to try that.

Hey sweetie,
did you get my check? just wanted to make sure. I can't wait to get my hands on that ric rack. Still waiting for you to part with some of those vintage patterns.... let me know when you do as you know me I will be all over it...hugs V