Monday, May 12, 2008

Brother for sale...

A. is selling her brother. Cheap, too! Maybe even free. Heck, she may even pay YOU to take him.

Yesterday was Mother's day. A day to take the day off from cooking duties for the family. I had a great idea to get up and go to a quick breakfast at 7:00am, without the kids as they would still be asleep on a Sunday morning. Not a place with crisp white tablecloths or sparkly chandeliers, but a place where the wait staff all have matching aprons and wear name tags with the restaurant's name on them too. No bother. At least I didn't have to cook; and the food was good.

I tried to wake him up until 8:00 and then gave up.

At about 11:00am when he woke up he said, [you guessed it] "Why didn't you wake me up?" We went (all 5 of us) to have a breakfast buffet at a different restaurant.
We all decided on ordering the buffet...all except N. He insisted that he order the kid's portion of his carved in stone favorite--chicken and fries. After finishing his food and practically licking the plate clean ~~because he has the chronological age of 7 but the appetite of a 16 year old and won't stop growing taller (like the Sequoia trees I saw in California)~~ he announced that he wanted to have the breakfast buffet too!!

I braced myself for the reaction. He hates having a meal out with all the kids. If it were up to him, our kids would all enter into adulthood without having ever stepped foot into a restaurant. I, on the other hand, was raised having dinner out just about every Saturday night. Nice dinners. And eating out at lunch with coupons.
I have always taken the kids out to places on my own where they offer free kids meals all day Monday or kids eat for 99 cents with the purchase of an adult meal. Occasionally they have graced the interior of crisp white tablecloth fancy restaurants too.

He told N. that he was out of luck, he had made his choice to initially decline the buffet. So N. did the normal 7 year old thing...he whined through the rest of the time we were there. A. wanted to sell him then for ruining Mom's big time out.

Later, A. baked a cake for me. Chocolate butter fudge. It was on the counter top cooling when N. went into the cupboard above to get out a glass.

(A. screaming) "N.!! Way to go! I hope Mom will like her glass cake!!!! "

A small glass had tumbled out of the cupboard onto the counter top and pieces of glass shards flew in every direction but mostly on top of the Chocolate butter fudge cake. The cake was dumped in the trash to avoid a Mother's day trip to the emergency room.

It was at that point I was surprised A. was not setting her brother on the curb with a "FREE to good home(cross that out) ANY HOME!" sign upon him.

Did I mention I had a great Mother's day? And you?


Veronica said...

You know I tried to sell my sister once even made a sign and put it out on the street. My mother came home and busted me up one side and down the other. At the time I couldn't understand why she was laughing while whipping my behind. lol
I had on the sign
FREE sister I hate her.
I was ten when I did it and she was six and A BRAT!!!!!
What was really bad was we had her convinced she was adopted from a reservation in canada. My sister picked up the italian jeans from my dad and was olived skin. I was horrible.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

A memorable Mother's Day to say the least.