Sunday, June 1, 2008


My kids with their cousin.
Left to right: E., N., their cousin and A.

Today we had a fun day!!
We drove out to my oldest brother's house for a get together. While there we were able to see relatives visiting from Nevada.
My sweet sister-in-law, S. and nephew J. They were in town to attend a wedding. It is always fun to be with J. We love him lots!!
[I have two sisters-in-law with the same first names. Therefore, my kids call them aunt California S. and aunt Nevada S.]

Before our time together was done ( it went much too quickly) we went with my Dad and step-Mom to eat lunch at a restaurant owned by some family members. They are famous for their white chicken chili. It is delicious and I enjoyed my cup of it. A. and I ordered a chef's salad to share. Very tasty and fresh...I would suggest that the half size salad is plenty enough for two!!!

A. with her uncle's cat named Oreo
on the front porch of his log home
With N. around there is never a dull moment and so it was the case this time...
J. had originally flown into Chicago from Nevada a few days ago for something to do with his work then rented a car to drive to Ohio. Today he had to leave before the rest of us from the restaurant to drive directly back to Chicago. N. had ridden with J. from my brother's house to the restaurant.
About 20 minutes after J. had said his goodbyes, we had exchanged hugs and kisses all around, and J. was on the road to Chicago- N. came over to me at the table and said,
"Oh no, Mommy! I left my book in J's car!!!"
I said,
"Oh well, N!!!! J. will probably not notice when he gets to the rental place so you're probably out of luck. If by chance he does, then he will have to take it back to Nevada with him and send it back to Ohio."
Here's the best part... It wasn't just any book. Oh no. That would be much too simple and boring. It had to be the book that he borrowed from his teacher's classroom library. The very book that I have been saying to return since there are only 3 days of school left.
We all walked out to our cars and there on the windshield of my car was N's book!!!!!!!
Thank you J. for saving N. from having to explain to his teacher how her book went for a ride in a rental car to Chicago and on a plane to Nevada and through the mail back to Ohio again to be safely back on her classroom bookshelf !!!!
Oh my boy N.! *SIGH*

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