Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grape kabobs or weapons?

As I had the kids help last night to make grape kabobs for N's 1st grade class party to celebrate all summer birthdays (N's included!), it caused me to wonder...

Will these bamboo skewers become weapons or swords and will the teacher hate me?

The note came home that they needed healthy snacks for the party. Grapes stabbed onto sharp pointy things among 24 wild seven year olds with last day of school fever are so much more fun than plain old grapes in a bowl still on the stems, right?

My daughter A. also took some kabobs to her 6th grade (GATE) Gifted and Talented Education class along with a tub of soft cream cheese (someone else is bringing bagels) for their last day of school breakfast. I didn't think you needed to see the cream cheese in a picture!

The question is - will the 6th grade brainy kid classmates use their sharp pointy things for weapons or swords?

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sister sheri said...

So, I'm dying to know... what happened... did both classes use them as swords?!!!