Thursday, August 28, 2008

8 years

It has gone by in the blink of an eye and yet at other times it seems so long ago that he was this little, though little is a loaded term when talking about N. Eight years ago on the 23rd I was meeting our baby N. for the first time. He was my c-sec baby scheduled almost 2 1 /2 weeks early and he was still almost 10 pounds!!

N. is a boy that is full of torment for his 2 big sisters and annoyance to his Mom when he can't manage to find the trash can for even his Popsicle stick!

N. is also a smart and curious boy [yep! His nursery was Curious George] who loves to read and learn and explore, he is a great artist [ like his sisters] and he has a firm grasp on dry delivery humor and sarcasm. Last year he was in Chess Club at school and he wants to be in it again this year. Who knows?...maybe some day you will see him on TV playing some championship.

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