Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flash Back- plastic dishes

Do you remember growing up with plastic dishes? Melamine, Melmac, Boonton, Royalon, Texasware. These are some of the names they are known by. I grew up with some brown dishes like these. I also was raised with a set of white dishes with a cluster of apple and grapes at the one side. At least that is the way I recall them. I looked at them daily and probably blocked out the true image. I have tried and tried to find an image of them on _oogle or anywhere on the net with no luck. Did I dream them? Does anyone out there remember these fruit plastic dishes? My most vivid memory of these plates is when we would have grilled cheese sandwiches and canned chicken noodle soup on a weekend while watching "Wide World of Sports" with Jim McKay. Remember the skier tumbling to a broken body end while they said...."and the agony of defeat"? I hated that part.
Anyway, back to the food...the grilled cheese sandwiches were good and cheesy enough but I had a brother that always got to the soup before me (we served right out of the pan with this usual meal- no fancy shmancy ironstone soup tureen[although I love soup tureens and am strangely drawn to them as an adult probably from this child abuse example of soup out of a PAN!!!!])

Ok, Ok. Back to the food... he always took the ladle to the pan and drained out the broth for his servings so when I got to my turn all that was left of the hearty (haha) canned chicken noodle soup was watered down broth and a noodle or two, and maybe if I was really lucky, one dice of chicken!! Oh the agony of defeat!!!!!!!

I also grew up with these dishes -they were cups and mugs and bowls and pedestal dessert cups. All colors. Some had raffia woven inside and others were more like tightly woven burlap. Neutrals and bright colors.

So here's my reminiscence of the burlap/raffia cups, mugs and bowls. This time it doesn't involve my meany brother.

We live in the suburbs and when we were young, the bug spray fogging truck would come down the street very frequently going very, very slowly spraying the dense fog --of probably some cancer causing agent that has since been banned-- while we would sometimes be eating our ice cream in one of those bowls in front of the TV watching maybe-
Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom"... when Mom would call out her usual refrain, "Cover your ice cream and close the windows!!!"
Ah, the days of our youth.
Wouldn't you know it, now the bug fogging truck goes down the street very infrequently going about 80 mph spraying something that doesn't even make the bird sized mosquitoes cough!

Here's a funny story; I asked my daughter if she wanted me to pack these away for her when she is older. She seemed to be admiring these as I was taking the photos before sending them off to the Goodwill. She looked at me like I was nuts! "How would I know if I would like to have these when I grow up? I'm 12!!!!"

And then she said..." What would I do with them anyway?"

My reply, "Eat off them!"

She sighed like I was a crazy mother and off she went out the door to be a happy go lucky 12 year old.

Have you ever heard the saying=

My Grandma had them, My Mom got rid of them, I just bought some.

That is not true of most things in my life -my Grandmas and Mom were all savers...but those white plastic dishes with the cluster of apple and grapes at the one side are an exception. Oh yeah, and those other dishes and cups and bowls too!!


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