Saturday, August 2, 2008

Road Trip-A2

We love to take frequent road trips to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have many locations we faithfully visit there.
One place is the Exhibit Natural History Museum on the campus of U of M.

My kids have always affectionately referred to it as just- the dinosaur museum!
It has lots of other things inside too--
zillions of wonderful things to see, explore and learn. The very best part is that it is free. We like free!

Just the exterior details of the architecture is fascinating to me. I love all the wonderful craftsmanship that does not go into most modern buildings. I treasure the fact that years ago it was not all computers or machines doing this fancy was the human hand and brain power behind it all.

I also love that inside the museum it smells old. Not stinky old but just old. Some of you will know what I mean. I am very much an olfactory nerve driven person. There's your vocabulary lesson for today= "olfactory nerve"!!

The sound of walking on wide marble steps and the feeling of my hand sliding along the smooth brass hand rail over the other heavy metals ornate banister thrills me. Weird, I know, go ahead and say it. "weird!" You won't hurt my feelings.

We never tire of going there. We always look at the same things over and over and never feel bored and we never fail to find something new to us within the 4 story tall building.

Come along with us (this is my daughter A. in the photo) and explore some of the museum.
I will break the photos into many different chapters. Put on your walking shoes and your learning eyes and ears.


Mary Isabella said...

I enjoyed our trip. Now it is time to stop for some ice tea!! LOL

a portland granny said...

What wonderful pictures! Loved the buildings and the rich character portrayed in the stone work etc.

Sounds like you are having a splendid time. So glad you can get away. Will look forward to future posts about your adventures!

Warmly, Joan