Monday, September 15, 2008

beautiful woman

She sat alone, among the crickets chirping.

She sat alone, lost deep in thought.

She sat alone, amid the humid afternoon haze.

She sat alone, at the edge of the "battle field" awaiting the Civil War encampment/reenactment. Before her would be the soldiers charging through fields blooming high with goldenrod, the cannon fire ringing in the echoing distance and the gun smoke lingering through the trees still wet with summer rain.
Here she sat, this absolutely stunning, beautiful woman.
I was captivated by her simple, elegant beauty.
[Prints of my original photography, above, will soon be offered in my shop.]


Carol said...

Oh Amy! This is simply beautiful...both the woman, the photography, and your writing!! I was tickled to see all the civil war photos. It makes me miss doing Yankee Peddler Festival!! I'll have to read to see if you're close by me!! I'll be back, and will add you to my list of favorite blogs!

Did you lose power?? We've been out since Sunday, and just got it back!


white o'morn cottage said...

So beautiful! I love your blog. I am going back to have another browse!...BEst Wishes...Pam