Monday, September 22, 2008

blue sky

[me at age 1]

I always thought my Mom was a great person behind a camera lens. I am imagining she must have been almost lying on her back to get this shot! I like the red against the blue sky and leafy trees. But what's up with those PLASTIC flowers?? She certainly had plenty enough real flowers around the yard to spare a few for a photo opportunity. Did I fancy these fake ones and she wanted to make it become a moment in time preserved forever? Whatever the case may be, she used me and my brothers for her subjects for lots of film. I am lucky to have my childhood so extensively documented. I often think my kids have early memories only because the photos give them those memories. They sometimes will explain an event to me and then I realize it is that they are just narrating a photo they have seen of themselves and have no real conscious brain memory of the event at the time it happened. But that's OK. Photos can hold magic.

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