Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 31st

This is Jewel, our pet bird. He recently lost his wife of almost 10 years. He is much more demanding of our attention now. You can't blame him for being lonely. Sometimes I think he thinks he's a person- he has always enjoyed being just one of the family. Jewel loves his time out of his cage. He also decided he loves to help carve pumpkins and feel the squishiness under his feet!!

Happy Halloween from our house (and from Jewel) to you!! Don't eat too much candy.
Speaking of candy...I did go to that candy store I showed you and I will blog about it soon!!
Another thing to tell you about is this Cathedral with the skull way up top -see it?!- I was always told it keeps the evil spirits out, as it is carved way above the huge heavy carved doors. I don't know if it is the true meaning. I have lots to share with you about this place!! Stay tuned.


Sal said...

Jewel is beautiful!;-)

Shelley said...

Hi Amy,I love Jewel..he so sweet,and it looks as if you all had a lot of carving your pumpkin.