Monday, October 13, 2008

memory flash back- candy

I have to take a road trip with the kids to this place!!! I have been thinking of all my old favorite candies from my younger years. Back when the commercial for a certain brand of tooth paste said, "Look Mom! No cavities!!" I must have done a lot of brushing because I did not have rotten teeth but I sure ate my share [and maybe the share of 2 or 3 other kids] of candy back in the late 60s and early 70s. Back when Candy was least in my opinion!

I have been pondering the fact that when we (my neighborhood friends and I) were little, we loved politically incorrect candy! We ate candy cigarettes and chewed bubble gum cigars and none of us became teenage smokers. I have never been a smoker, for that matter. My friends and I survived our Baby Boomer upbringing in spite of all the [now] incorrect things we endured...

But, back to the candy... I just bought some Black Jack candies the other day and let me tell you, they give off a great licorice scent each time I walk by the candy dish. It takes me back to the days of the penny candy counter. You can read a previous post I wrote about my memories of that by clicking here.

A and I watched the movie The Right Stuff a month or so ago because she is a big, big space fan! They talked a lot about Beeman's chewing gum in that movie. That's another candy/gum that gives you good memories just from the scent. By the way, I recommend you watch that movie (for the first time or again) for some flash back moments too.

I will let you know what we come up with at this retro candy store when we make the trip. A trip down memory lane for me, to be sure!!

What were your favorite candy picks when your age was still in the single digits?


Lori said...


Love the candy counter pics! Do you remember those deep pink candies that were slim and had gold foil on the end? They were really swet and called lipstick candy. I still love the thin waffle cones with the dab of marshmellow on top and the sugary sweet watermelon slice candies! Later,Lori

cinderelly said...

necco wafers! and i liked the clove gum, i remember them talking about it on 'the right stuff' too.

a portland granny said...

I can't remember when I was in single digits!! Candy was a real treat in the '30's. I remember some little wax bottles that had a flavored liquid in them--after they were empty, we chewed the wax! I don't think we were allowed much candy...but after I got to high school, I loved Beeman's gum and neccos.

Loved your pics of that store. How fun it would be to visit a place like that!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, I could list a hundred, but there is one that I cannot remember the name---it was a taffy with an arabian looking guy on the cover and they came in strawberry, chocolate, banana, and vanilla---almost like laffy taffy, but so much better. Then we had these apple looking huge suckers that were to dye for---that was in 1957. There was a candy shop next to our country school and you got any candy for a nickel or the smaller little ones for a penny. There is a little store in the south part of town that still sells some of the old candy, so a trip might be needed---you got my sweet tooth going. Have fun and find some goodies. Love and Hugs, Pat