Saturday, November 22, 2008

more ephemera fun

I guess I must be on a barbeque kick because I found this fun bit of ephemera ad nostalgia and had to share it with you, especially after the last post. This is inside a 1959 cook-out recipe pamphlet in my collection. Here's another happy family scene that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy and just have to rush out and buy their product so your next cook-out can be this fine!! Don't you just love her jumpsuit?! I think I had a Barbie outfit almost like that.
This ad is also inside. It looks fun to have punch inside a hollowed out watermelon, doesn't it. Maybe you already have. Not I. I do like to occasionally drink Squirt. It's kind of refreshing.

This is the pamphlet cover. It looks like aluminum foil. Great blue sneakers on Dad!!

And just look at the back cover. Maybe I am not crazy after all with my cold weather attraction to these supposed Summertime recipe books....look...don't those flowers resemble Poinsettias to you???
Besides, you know I couldn't resist this book because it is kitschy and red too!

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