Friday, November 7, 2008

paper passion

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for my paper posie quilled flowers lots!!

I enjoy making these quilled flowers and often find myself
losing track of time when I do get the chance
to sit down and get involved.

Before I know it I have a pile of blooms before me and kids that still are in need of clean laundry.
Hmmmm... I know what I'd rather do.
While we're on the subject of creating instead of doing chores-
I have been getting the urge to
make paper again soon.
You know...with the blender and the sloppy slurry of pulp?
What a completely horrible absolutely fun
mess that adventure is!!

Have you ever made paper or done any quilling?

Isn't it amazing how much paper is a part of our everyday lives=
both practical and creatively?!
Even though many paper required processes are being replaced
by the computer revolution,
I do not think I could live without my paper passion for creating.

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The Urban Chic said...

Wow Amy,you sure have been busy. I looked at the collage you did for a wedding and that is totally awesome. I did a sewing one in a shadow box and I thought the glue would hold it, but everything fell including some vintage patterns and they tore a little. I tried quilling---too tedious for me. Hugs, Pat