Monday, January 26, 2009

Flash Back- some boomer TV music

I decided to search out some Baby Boomer TV music, and guess what, I couldn't load ALL the great ones I found. There are TOO MANY! I hope these little snips of songs bring back some happy memories for you. I realize a lot of you read me from Canada or across the ocean and these songs may not produce the same warm fuzziness. Just believe me when I say that just about anyone in the U.S. over the age of 40 will know a lot of these, and will probably have some sort of life experience connected mentally to the songs. I threw in some really old ones (1950-1960s) and some newer (1970-1980s) ones too. You can click through the songs on the player and pick and choose if you want to hear certain snips of the 29 I have on there (29!). Have fun!!!

The Courtship of Eddies Father
(orig. aired 1969-1972)
I always thought it was cool that they had a housekeeper, Mrs Livingston. Do you remember that she always addressed Bill Bixby as "Mr. Eddie's Father"?
As I recall, Eddie and his father often had a deep lesson teaching talk at bedtime after Eddie JUMPED on/into the bed. I was never allowed to jump on my bed!

The Partridge Family
(orig. aired 1970-1974
it followed the Brady bunch on Friday nights for a time)
How cool to have a family that travels around in a groovy bus!! I always thought Laurie Partridge was so pretty and I wanted to be grown up like her. ~I had no sisters. And, well what can you say about David Cassidy? All my friends and I were in love with him and kissed his picture...ok maybe that was just me.
I have this sheet music for sale in my shop. And to answer your question....NO! I did not kiss this picture of him. SWEAR! Cross my heart and hope to die.

Charles In Charge
(orig. aired 1884-1985 and
then 1987-1990 in syndication)
Scott Baio was on Happy Days and then Joanie Loves Chachi before this show. The same person played his mom on all three shows. Chachi's real name was Charles.
Like most shows with a moral at the end of the silliness, Charles, the college student-live in babysitter, never failed to get the children to listen.
Bewitched (orig. aired 1969-1972)
I never failed to be fooled and never questioned how the magic was done when I was very young. I must admit this show was not as fun when I began to dissect the splicing that was required to do the stunts before the computer generated magic we now have. I loved Aunt Clara and her doorknob collection! I was a Dick York (1964-1969) fan myself...

but maybe you where a Dick Sargent (1969-1972) fan.

Gladys Kravitz
Alice Pearce(1964-1966)
played later by Sandra Gould (1966-1971)
Mrs Kravitz had a very enduring husband if not endearing. I mean c'mon, who could put up with her?? Did you know that the outside of the Kravitz house was also the outside of the Partridge Family house?
I have a dear friend ~that I went to school with 1-12 grade~ that coincidentally lives down the street 3 houses from me now. When we want to check up on neighborhood gossip we call each other on the phone, "Hello Gladys? This is Samantha. Got anything?" We take turns playing the part of Gladys!


Peggy. said...

All of my favorites! And no your not the only one who was in love with David Cassidy.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Loved all of these...m.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

What a blast from the past!
I am from Canada and I watched all of these shows once I got married. Before then I didn't watch much TV because we were without one more than often then not and when I was young we only got a few stations.
I was sooooo underprivilaged...LOL!
Thanks for making me smile. I enjoyed the blog so much.
Have a great week.

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, my favorites also, but Welcome Back Kotter was a real favorite. Look how far John has gone. Now Happy Days is more my age life time. Great memories. Love and Hugs, Pat

Peggy. said...

You have an award at my blog. Thanks for being such an inspiration with your posts. I just love visiting your blog.